An award-winning short film about a man who gets a chance at a fresh start in Purgatory.
Written & Directed by Robert Sartori



I’m an award-winning writer & producer with the passion for creating scripts that revolve around the most pertinent truths in life and force us to ask questions about or to ourselves that we may have never considered. The answers, as I see them, are told with a tone of comedy and drama, and hopefully compare to what you might see on a show like Scrubs, Bojack Horseman, or almost any show on FX. If you want a deeper sense of my style and story interest, the only superhero or even action movie I ever liked was Hancock.

I received a Television Writing certificate at New York University in 2020, where I wrote The Fresh Start, as well as many other spec scripts on this website. The Fresh Start was my first film, and I currently have a second short film in production and other scripts being developed.

I’ve held a passion for television since I mistakenly realized that I wanted to be a writer, not a doctor, after finishing my favorite television show Scrubs in high school. I was captivated by the actor’s and writer’s ability to encapsulate a wide range of emotions, both comedic and dramatic, in such a short amount of time. It was inspiring to watch and study. I was also relieved that I didn’t want to be a doctor because that seemed hard and expensive.